Governance and Community-Ownership

SAIDIA is registered under the Non Governmental Act of 1993 as n Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).

SAIDIA is governed by an overarching Constitution.   A Board of Directors (see below for current composition) oversees all strategic direction, policy level decisions and management or oversight, and funding for the organization.  This Board also hires the senior managers and the director of the organization.

SAIDIA’s operations and programmes are run by a small staff of about 5 to 10 individuals (this depends on grants and funding status).  Most of these individuals come from the northern Counties where we work.  Occasional consultants are hired for specific jobs with concrete deliverables.

Community participation in required in all decisions and in all operations.  The principle of community–ownership is one of several pillars of the organization and has been from the start of operations in 1986.

Board of Directors (as of 2017)

Sammy Lenanyokie ChairKenya
Mary Anne FitzgeraldSecretary (acting)Kenya / UK
Samuel LekulaTreasurerKenya
Gregory LesikelHealth advisorKenya
Health advisorDevelopment adviserKenya / UK
Mary Ann Ropian LechoeLegal adviserKenya
Fozia MohamedEducation adviserKenya
Francesca LentakunyeCommunity repKenya
Mary LengewaCommunity repKenya
Joanna PitmanSAIDIA UK ChairUK
Ivo PhilippsSAIDIA UK TreasurerSingapore/UK
Jane KiamaDirector (acting)Kenya
Julius GitongaSenior Program officer
(non-voting observer)
Mohamed LochganPatronKenya

Financial Overview

SAIDIA operates on the principle that we can and must ensure that donors who invest in us should know their trust is well placed.  We also ensure that SAIDIA always does what it says it will do. This drives our work towards measurable outcomes.  Financial and programmatic accountability receives a great deal of focus from the Board.

Every year SAIDIA’s accounts are audited.  For the past 8 years they have been audited by Wachina N Associates, CPA, P.O Box 60 – 10100, Nyeri, Kenya.

Audited Accounts