What we do

SAIDIA provides civic education to communities in northern Kenya to empower them as decision-makers and leaders. The introduction of the 2010 Kenya Constitution, which devolves government to the counties, has unlocked the door to citizen participation in local development. In this new environment that offers exciting possibilities, it is even more important that communities understand their constitutional rights and how to ensure that county funds are allocated to the projects that will benefit them the most.

SAIDIA strongly believes that quality and equal education for girls and boys gives them a solid foundation for success in following whichever path they choose. It supports primary and secondary schools by strengthening school systems and upgrading school facilities. It also has a bursary program through tertiary education for students whose families cannot afford the school fees.

SAIDIA runs a support program for more than 1,000 children who have lost one or both parents.
SAIDIA projects have the full support of the communities they benefit. Over the years, communities in SAIDIA’s catchment area have built nearly 600km of roads by hand to ensure that SAIDIA and county government services can reach them.