SAIDIA UK is a fundraising arm of the organization SAIDIA. It has charitable status in the UK (register number: 800589). It exists to raise money through a small donations and friends system, and to apply for funds from trusts and foundations on an ad hoc basis.

Management of the Charity:  All trustees (below) are volunteers.  There are no paid staff in the UK and no office.

Managing the funds: Every few months funds are sent either at the request of the Board of Directors (Kenya) to the operations in Samburu County via the headquarters in Nanyuki. This is overseen by members of the Board to ensure security of funds and that donations go to the correct operations. These include a) education support for schools and a few high school and university bursaries, b) medicines and equipment, c) books and textbooks d) selected costs that are not met through grants such as balance of office and utility costs, or salaries of support staff (such as security or caretakers).

All data on SAIDIA UK can be found via the website for the UK’s Charity Commission: search the “Find a charity” using “SAIDIA UK” :


Joanna Pitman (m. Worseley), Chair,
Tracy Forster, Deputy Chair
Ivo Philipps, Treasurer

Bankers: Barclays Bank PlC.